Placer Gold Design has an unequaled collection of custom style rings.  The use of fine quality gemstone, rare natural precious metals, gem fossil inlays, fine quality diamond crystals in a large range of substantial ring mounts make for a truly one of a kind ring.

Classic and entirely new gem materials from North America are a feature of Placer Gold Design.  Some examples are;  the new gem Stingray Coral from Alaska (a 400 million year old gem fossil coral), brilliantly colored Dinosaur Bone from Utah (replaced by gem silica), Sapphire from Montana, and Black Nephrite Jade from Wyoming.

Combination of gemstone inlays such as fine Lightning Ridge black crystal opal in Gibeon iron nickel meteorite are a special feature of the collection.  Fine gemstones such as natural red spinel set into natural gold and platinum nuggets are a unique combination.

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